Iraq: Belgian blows herself up in Iraq

A Belgian woman, who converted to Islam after her marriage to a Muslim, recently blew herself up in Iraq.

More women are joining the fight in Iraq, and apparently - they're non-Iraqi. In the past 25 years, about 10% of suicide attacks were committed by women. Till now by women exclusively from the Middle East or South East Asia.

Source: De Standaard (Dutch)


José said...

It is surprising to see that many western women like Arabs to the point of marriage and conversion to Islam. It would be interesting to know the reasons.
Do some western women need an authoritarian or strong male?

By the way Esther, if you could give links in English your work could go farther.

Esther said...

I once read an article about that.. I'll try to find it.

I would love to find these stories in English. Dutch is not my native tongue and it would help a lot not having to translate. Sometimes it takes time, though, for stories to appear in the international press, an some of these stories, I can't find at all elsewhere.

I think bringing info which is usually not accessible to the non-Dutch speaking public is also important.