Norway: Children Smuggling

More than 200 children have been smuggled this year into Norway. Norwegian authorities suppose parents are sending those kids either so they'll have a better future or in order to come themselves under family re-unification laws.

Regardless what their parents may have done, these children are innocent and have the same rights as Norwegian children without their parents, says the Children's Ombudsmann, Reidar Hjermann.

Would Mr Hjermann feel the same way if he was talking about Norwegian children smuggled into Morocco? Or would he then be demanding that these kids be returned to their parents? Does Mr Hjermann think that it is in these kids' interests to be in Norway as compared with growing up with their parents?

The children are of course innocent in the sense that they probably weren't given an option, but they are not Norwegian and should not be treated as such. The only rights these kids should have is to be sent back to their home country so they can be re-unified with their parents. If needed, UNICEF should take an active part in this important undertaking.

Language Test for 4-year Olds

Meanwhile, Norway is given a language proficiency exam to pre-school kids in an attempt to boost integration. The test, which will be given in high-immigrant areas will help pinpoint problems and improve language training.

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