New terrorist group in the Netherlands

A new movement of young Muslim extremists is starting off, in the wake of the Hofstad group. The so called “Tafkif-light movement”, that deviates little ideologically from the original Hofstad group, is very active on the internet.

Unlike the Hofstad group, however, the new movement is much easier to join.

The flexible admission requirements and the quick online distribution of Jihadic material provides feeding grounds for potential terrorists. Documents such as those by Mohammed Bouyeri are quickly translated and spread

According to various sources, Samir Azzouz worked together with representatives of the new movement.

The group consists of about a hundred youth, living especially in Amsterdam. Some meet together to learn radical theology, others meet each other in chatgroups and via email.

According to Ruud Peters, an Arabist that analyzed documents for the Hofstad trial, the new movement is circulating new material. For example: 45 appeals for the fights of the Dutch Muslim Oem Qataadah and material validating the fight against Americans outside Iraq.

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Snouck said...

I think you mean "Takfir" instead of "Tafkif", Esther. I spoke to Mujaheedin sympathisers in Amsterdam and I remember they spoke as belonging to "Takfir". A difference between other groups such as the Hofstadgroup is that they are not so strongly against the ruling family in Saudi - Arabia, the Saudi's