Danish Muslims are offended by cookies

A group of Danish Muslims refuse to eat traditional “Jewish” cookies because they feel offended by the name.

According to the daily Danish newspaper B.T., Ole Poulsen, head of the public food consumer department said that the Muslim refusal to buy the cookies could have an effect on sales.

"If this will be the case, then we would be obliged to do something about it," he declared.

He added that changing the product name was a possibility, as had in the past been done with the “Negroes’ kiss” cakes, which were rebranded with a more neutral name.

Mr Poulson is missing the point. The name for Negroe's kiss cakes wasn't changed because somebody complained that they hate Negroes so much that eating something with that name disgusts them. Such a complaint would be considered ridiculous and disregarded.

Denmark’s chief rabbi, Bent Lexner, said that he did not see any problem in a name change.

“There is nothing Jewish in it and I wouldn’t mind another name, but I think that it would be better to educate Muslims to respect the culture of the majority in Denmark, if they want the majority to respect their culture".

Rabbi Lexner, on the other hand, nails it right on the head.

Source: European Jewish Press (English) (hat tip, Free Republic)


gandalf said...

Oh dear what a sorry state of affairs, we had the same thing in the UK except it was about a Burger King ice cream container.

The only cultural change these people want is for everybody to be a Muslim, nothing less and they will go to all ends to achieve that.

They have to be stopped, It is sad what is happening in Denmark and the UK, I lived in Denmark for some years and was made most welcome by the Danish people that I met and became friends with.

It sickens me to see this openness and friendship abused by these predatory migrants

gandalf said...

I will put a link to your site in my site

merry christmas and a happy new year

Esther said...

Thanks, Gandalf :-)

What was the issue with Burger King?

Anonymous said...

Im a african- american muslin living in the US. I happened along this site by accident. I thought I have heard and seen it all. (fear, hate & racisim disguised as public opinion.)but I think a couple of organizations(KKK & Skin Heads) here in the US would love to take notes from you Dan's. Ive taken you off my vacation hot spot list and I will pass the word too.