Weekly Roundup

The articles I had no time to post:

Disappearing students – a new phenomena is on the rise of students who disappear from the Dutch school system. Especially by immigrant kids, whose family just up and goes, in most cases to the UK (Dutch)

Municipalities withdraw their support for asylum policy – the municipalities feel that asylum seekers are thrown out on the street with no solutions. (Dutch)

Nouredine el Fahtni (known as El F) is suspect in Azzouz case – Azzouz is currently on trial for trying to murder various Dutch politicians. Despite being in jail, he still manages to keep on making headlines about all his other terror attempts. (Dutch)

Dutch cities are becoming poorer – Ethnic Dutch are still fleeing the big cities, leaving them poorer by 194 million euro. (Dutch)

Bouyeri’s statement – Mohammed Bouyeri testifies that he and only he knew that he was going to kill Theo Van Gogh. (Dutch)

The 'Hofstad' trial - the perils of punishing terrorist thoughts – a review of the Dutch anti-terrorism laws and how they apply to the Hofstad Group trial. The headline is really misleading.. the article doesn’t deal with the perils of punishing terrorist thoughts, but rather with, how the laws don’t deal with such issues. (English)

Belgian security services are trying to deal with radicalism in prisons - no real details given on how.

40% rise in illegal immigrants refused entry into Spain – but illegal immigrant arrests are down 37% compared to last year. Does this mean more immigrants are arrested before entering Spain? (English)

Turkish youth nurture their own folk dancing culture – folk dancing is not popular in the Netherlands, but that doesn’t stop Turkish youth from enjoying their own. (Dutch)

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