Weekly Roundup

News is endless, and sadly - time is limited. There are always more posts I would like to put up, then I actually have the time to do. Below is a general roundup of news I saw the past week or so. If you would like me to translate a specific article, let me know.

No money for French rioters - French parents will have to sign a ' contract of responsibility' (De Volkskrant, Dutch)

Samir Azzouz did not want Belgian female terrorists - according to a Belgian terrorist caught in Morocco, he had met with Azzouz, but Azzouz refused to deal with female terrorists (Trouw, Dutch)

New website to conciliate between Muslims and Copts - a Dutch sociologist in Egypt is trying to get Muslims and Copts together (Trouw, Dutch)

Mecca signs won't work - Rotterdam councilor Bourzik drops his idea to place signs around the city pointing to Mecca, after seeing reader responses (AD.nl, Dutch)

Poverty hits especially immigrants - Poverty in the Netherlands is growing, and the toughest hit are the immigrants (Het Parool, Dutch)

Flemish and Dutch bishops come out with a new magazine - the magazine is meant to explain Christian customs and traditions. (De Morgen, Dutch)

Unrest over possible sale of F-16's to Pakistan - political opposition in Belgium to selling warplanes to Pakistan (De Morgen, Dutch)

Brother of terror suspect Wesam Al D. killed - The brother of Wesam Al D, a Dutch national wanted by the US for terrorist activities in Iraq, was killed in Iraq by a bomb attack. Another brother was injured. (De Volkskrant, Dutch)

Hirsi Ali neighbors fear for their safety - Ali's neighbors are complaining the extra security in their neighborhood will attract terrorist (Spits, Dutch)

I will try to put out a further roundup to catch up with other interesting news.

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