We just went shopping.. in Baku

The three Dutch Muslim kids who disappeared supposedly off on Jihad and were found in Azerbaijan claim they had just gone on vacation. First spending time in Turkey, they decided Azerbaijan was much better. "The stores in Baku are just like in the Hague."

In an interview, one of the kids, Ramazan Keskin, aged 21, claimed they were told about the beautiful hills and valleys of the Caucasus Mountains and Caspian Sea. The proximity to nearby Chechnya, where a full blown Jihad is taking place, was just a coincidence.

Their trip ended when they tried buying a ticked back to Istanbul, just in time to use their return ticket to Amsterdam. Keskin's visa was still valid, but that of his two friends had expired. The Azerbaijanis weren't understanding and the three were not treated gently. Needless to say, they're all happy to be home, back in non-corrupt Holland.

The three left without notifying their parents, leaving their phones at home ("we didn't want to be found") and overstayed their visa in Azerbaijan. It sounds like they were having too much fun they forgot about their responsibilities. They simply had no idea their parents would be worried after a few weeks of them gone!

This would be somehow believable if they were teenagers, but they are not little kids. The youngest is 18, which is old enough to be responsible for your actions in any country. The interview ends when Keskin hurries off to prayer at the mosque. We did say responsible kids, didn't we?

Source: NRC Handelsblad (Dutch)

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