European women and Islam

Young, angry Muslim men across Europe are worrying security services, but an even greater threat is on the horizon. Many Europeans are converting to Islam, the majority of them women. As shown by Muriel Degauque, the Belgian that recently blew herself up in a terror attack in Iraq, these new converts can be very dangerous. Looking European and acting European, new converts are a prime recruitment target for Muslim terrorists. A convert might be looking for penance, feeling the need to atone for the sins of their former life. In the case of Degauque, a suicide attack might fit exactly that need.

What causes women to convert to Islam? Contrary to popular opinion, it seems, it’s not usually due to marrying a Muslim. Western society offers many things, but it also offers uncertainty, loose moral values.

Fallot, a French woman who converted to Islam three years ago says: “When I told my colleagues, the first question was if I had a Muslim friend. They couldn’t believe that I did it out of my own free will. But Islam brings you closer to Allah. The teachings are very simple, because they’re more explicit. I was searching for structure, people need rules that they can follow. Christianity didn’t offer me that.”

A religion which offers stability, a set of rules to live by, promising to treat them as a person and not as a sex object, can be very luring. Today’s world demands so much from women – expecting them to raise a family and develop a career and expects women to accept it all willingly.

“Islam spreads a message of love, tolerance and peace.” This opinion is echoed by many who have turned to Islam since the September 11th attacks and their numbers are only growing. With Islam today being the driving force behind world terror, what is it that causes people to truly believe that Islam means peace?

Source: Nederlands Dagblad (Dutch)


gandalf said...

Sorry to post "off Topic" you asked about the Burger king episode

well BK had an Ice Cream container with a plastic top on it, this top had a design on it which resembled arabic writing, some insane muslim took offense to this and demanded that BK withdraw this design because he said it was offensive to Islam(blah, blah, blah) and BK did, they were heavily criticised
by the blogosphere.

gandalf said...

Primarily it is an inadequate personality that is attracted to Islam, Islam offers a complete get out of being responsible for your

As everything is prescribed in Islam, the follower of this faith is completely absolved of every action. there is very little decision making because all is decided and preordained by Allah.

This is highly attractive to people with poor coping skills
or interpersonal skills.

For the female alli is decided for her, she is a slave and her only duty is to obey.

I have posted many articles on the slavery of the Islamic female, my favourite being "hang up your hijab and burn your Burks"

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