Moroccan-made Dutch cheese

Marco Kranenburg, a 34 year old Dutchman, has been spending a lot of time flying to Morocco, and one thing he noticed was that Dutch Moroccans going on trips back to Morocco usually brought with them Dutch cheese.

The next step, for him, was to build up a cheese making factory, in the northeast of Morocco. The factory which will produce gouda cheese, will save people the trouble of carrying back the cheese, and help develop the economy of the region.

Source: (Dutch)


Snouck said...

They (Moroccans) bring violence to our beaches and towns, bring down blue collar wages, assasinate and intimidate intellectuals and generally hate the Dutch. And in return the Dutch bring 'em jobs and cheese. Too good for this world, the Dutch. Ripe for an darwin award. ;-)

Esther said...

I would place them for a Darwin award for letting terrorists walk free. This is not too bad - improve Moroccan economy by building new Dutch companies.