More Belgian suicide bombers

In yesterday's operation, Belgian police arrested a couple who were about to leave to Iraq, to commit a suicide attack there. The pair, from Antwerp are of Moroccan origin.

Belgian's first suicide bomber, Muriel Degauque, 38, and her husband Aissan, came to Iraq to commit suicide attacks. Muriel blew herself up on Nov 9th by an American army convoy, but she was the only casualty. Her husband was killed by US soldiers before he could commit his attack. Five of his friends were arrested.

Muriel converted to Islam after she married an Algerian. Five years ago she married a Moroccan. She became more extreme after her recent marriage, starting to wear a burka and black gloves. The couple moved to Brussels and several months later traveled to Iraq by way of Syria and Turkey. Muriel last called her parents from Syria.

Another of those arrested in the police operation is the son of a Tunisian koran teacher, who was expelled from Belgium in 1991 for incitement.

Source: De Standaard (Dutch)

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Snouck said...

Thank you for writing these articles about Belgian suicide Jihadists, Esther. I wrote an article on them, which I linked to you.