Resigned for a burqua

As this story shows, the choice between your religious convictions and general society is not always easy.

The Bilal school is an elementary Muslim school in Amersfoot. With a student population of 330, consisting of 70% Turkish students and 20% Moroccans, it's the only Muslim school in the area.

But even at a Muslim school, it seems, there are limits. Jus Quarda, a teacher's assistant at the Bilal school, has decided to wear a burqua and she must therefore leave the school. The decision has serious consequences. She will not be able to continue teaching at the school where she so loves to work, and it is in fact ending her teacher's training.

However, for her it feels 'right'. She must do this.

As the principal says: "She decided this week to fully cover herself. A veil is not a problem. She had walked around till now with a head covering, but that must be so in an Islamic elementary school. But fully covered, that is not allowed."

The principal had tried finding a solution. "She was prepared to stand in class without a face covering, but not in the corridor. But children and parents can see her there too. That doesn't work. They must be able to see her face. It's a pity, but we respect her choice."

Source: (Dutch)

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