Dutch parliament wants answers

Donner, minister of Justice, will need to explain to the parliament how Mohammed Bouyeri managed to get his pamphlet out. Donnor had been asked by the parliament in the past to explore ways in which Bouyeri could be prevented from running his Jihad from prison.

According to the current rules, prison employees may listen, watch and read with the prisoners. A prisoner may be isolated and his letters checked if there's danger to the establishment. However, the current laws do not deal with prisoners of conscience, such as Bouyeri.

According to the minister's spokesman, prison personnel have been specially trained for dealing with terrorist-prisoners special personnel and there does exist a special regimen for them. However, no details were given about it.

Bouyeri had earlier objected to the extra security measures taken against him, but his objections were rejected.

Source: Het Parool (Dutch)

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