Dutch gov't is worried by homemade Muslims

A report prepared by the cabinet for the Dutch parliament brings up several alarming facts.

A growing number of Dutch kids are attracted to a radical brand of Islam. The number of women in radical networks is also growing. Police frequently gets reports of dutch converts to Islam that are quickly radicalizing. Two dutch have already spent some time in prison for alleged involvement in terrorist activities.

The growth in the number of women is attributed to the many informal Islamic weddings entered into by radical kids. The wife is then also dragged into the extremist circles. The parents and other family members are often not aware of the ceremonies. The informal weddings legitimize sex between the two, but the relations don't last long. Such weddings were also done by the Hofstad group.

Dutch prime minister Balkenende is quoted as saying in response: "A wedding is a beautiful thing. But if it goes hand in hand with motives that have nothing to do with love, that there is definitely a danger there for Dutch society."

Another issue brought up in the report is that relatively educated kids are now being recruited by extremists. This is a phenomenon also witnessed in other countries.

Source: Nederlands Dagblad (Dutch)

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