Copenhagen: Islam to fill the city

Copenhagen's integration councilman wants to involve religion in public schools and workplaces.

"Islam must fill the classroom and the cafeteria more, if integration is to succeed", says Jacob Hougaard, who is now asking for suggestions from Copenhagen's integration board on how to guide religion in everyday life.

"Religion already fills much today. There is much that is settled, where many Muslims practice, but we must accept that there is a demand for halal-meat, possibility of bathing covered in the schools and for wearing the veil.

He suggests among other things that public schools give vacation during Eid, the Muslim holiday after the fast month of Ramada, and that a religious forum be created which the city will be able to go into dialog.

The suggestion comes after inspiration from Arhus, where on Monday 15 suggestions where brought up. Some suggestion were that Arhus will employ an imam, that employers shall enable prayers and give time off for religious holidays. Nine of the fifteen suggestions were dismissed.

Arhus's mayor, Nicolai Wammen, says that there are some things he won't accept, such as employing an imam. It is a private matter how to relate to religion and prayer. On the other hand, he supports courses for immigrant (New Danes) parents that don't allow their kids, for example, to go to camp.

Feminist and pastor Nahid Riazi calls the suggestion catastrophic.

"It is discrimination. It will stamp many Muslim kids and youth with a mark that's called religion. It gives the imams and the religious forces, what they will have and believe, that in this way the integration problems are solved. The common Muslim thinks only of raising his kid, giving him a good education and avoiding having them end up criminals."

Riazi adds that religion is an adult's private issue.

Jacob Hougaard says it won't lead to discrimination saying that Muslims will be treated like everybody else. However, Muslims live by certain rules which specify how to eat and dress and they also need to explain it to others.

Source: Avisen (Danish), h/t Hodja

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Anonymous said...

Little by little Islam is taking over your country. The Danes are our friends today, but what about tomorrow? If you become Islamists, I suppose we'll be fighting against you, too. We won't like it, but it will happen. Why don't you expose the evils that the Qur'an, Sunnah, Sira, Hadith, and the Taqiyyah of Islam teach? Maybe then you will be able to turn the tide. Don't you have the courage to do that?
And don't ask a Muslim to explain Islam to you. Why? Did you know that the Taqiyyah of Islam teaches that Muslims are allowed to lie if it advances their religion? I wish the best for the Danes.

John Sobieski said...

Will the Dhimmis take control and force Islam down the throat of the Danes? No way.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a cancer that needs to be killed before it spreads any further.

Anonymous said...

Surely the Danes have realised by now that there is no accommodating islam within a democracy? To the moslem there is nothing but islam - what can't be assimilated must be destroyed. For western countries that means convert or be killed. Wake up, there's too much at stake.

Messenger said...

Western Europeans, centuries ago, seen the murder and destruction that Islam would perform to spread their oppresive religion. It took the Crusades to stop the advance of Islam. Where would Europe/America be today without men and women willing to sacrifice their lives to preserve the freedom that the true God of Christianity gives to all. The Allah of Islam is not the God of the Jews or Christians. Islam is one man's ideology that infected billions and if the war on terrorism is not stopped in the Mid East, it will eventually kill many in all the free countries of the world.

Anonymous said...

Western white liberalism, with it's guilt for "past sins" is what will allow Islam to firmly entrench itself in Western culture.

And the firmer it is entrenched, the harder it will be to dislodge.

And don't kid yourselves...the goal of these Muslims is to make Denmark a Shariah compliant state.

Anonymous said...

One problem is we no longer have men of violence, the left and the islamists have plenty, the rest have become docile and civilized to the point of self destruction. Being led slowly into our own destruction by our enemies unwilling to risk our cosy materialistic existence to protect our civilization or the future of our children.

By now we should have risen up killed the leftist traitors and the islamists and cast the rest out of our countries, our unwillingness to do exactly what is needed will cost us everything. Democracy has become a suicide pact and will as soon as their numbers are sufficient only work against us.