Aarhus: Somali boy killed after burglary attempt

Aarhus: Somali boy killed after burglary attempt


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H, a 35 year old man, living in the Sabro suburb of Aarhus, was awake when 4-5 boys (15-17) supposedly started a regular thieving campaign at several addresses in the area. But the campaign ended when at about 6am H. saw they were stealing his 4x4 crosser. He shouted at them and they ran off, but that did not prevent him from following them in his car.

Several minutes later, about 500 meters from his house, H. got wind of the boys. He promptly set out after then, and when they tried to flee through a grassy patch with some trees on the side of the road, 16 year old Hassan tripped. A second later, H. ran over the boy, who was caught under the car.

According to Mikael Larsen of the Østjylland police, H. could not brake when the boy fell. When the police got there a few minutes later, Hassan was still under the car. He was brought to Aarhus Hospital, but four hours later his family and friends received the news of his death.

In a closed session, H. was sentenced to be held for 14 days, pending a trial.

"I would have done exactly the same, if I had discovered them," says a neighbor. He says that H. is considered a psychopath for running over the boy on purpose, but he thinks he did it in order to stop theft and to help others in the area.

A middle aged mechanic who didn't want his name published supports the driver. He says that he acted correctly and that it's very, very unfortunate that the boy slipped. Though the case ended in a tragedy, he deserved a big clap on the shoulder. He says H. and they don't want to be made a fool of every time they report a burglary. The police do nothing.

Aden Mohamud Jimale, Hassan's father, is sure it's racism, since otherwise people don't do something so crazy as chasing a bunch of running boys in a deadly car. Jimale says he wants to know why the man did what he did, and that he probably wasn't thinking rationally. He hopes he'll sit behind bars for the rest of his life.

The father lives in Gellerup Park in Aarhus, and must now bury the youngest of his three sons. He describes Hassan as a good boy who did well in his 8th grade. For that reason He has trouble believing Hassan was trying to steal. He says he doesn't believe it, but if it's true, it will not change his view of the case. He says he can't revenge, but that he trusts the Danish justice system.

A 17 year old who lives in Gellerup park was the closest eyewitness. He says that he was on a burglary mission in Sabro with three friends - including the 16 year old who was later killed - that morning. For that reason he also wants to remain anonymous. Over and over he speaks of revenge. He's convinced that the 35 year old drove over his friend on purpose. "It's blood for blood," he hisses.

The 17 year old says the group came to Sabro after a party to steal a four wheel crosser, that one of them saw a few days earlier. They tried to break into the garage in order to get it, but before they could steal it, a man inside the house discovered them. He ran after them, shouting, and they ran as fast they could. The man was shouting at them 'come here you dirty pakis! I'll catch you all'.

He claims that there were two people in the car, and that he's absolutely certain that the man ran over his friend on purpose. He says that after he was hit, his friend tried to get up, and then he was run over again.

According to the Aarhus Stiftstidende newspaper the man has a rap sheet for traffic violations. Additionally he's been sentenced for violence and served time in prison.

Sources: Uriasposten, TV2 (Danish)

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