Isle of Man: Muslims set up Facebook group for mosque campaign

Isle of Man: Muslims set up Facebook group for mosque campaign

AN internet group set up by the Island's Muslim community has sparked fiercely anti-Islamic opposition.   The group on social networking site Facebook, outlining their campaign for a new mosque to replace the converted garage used at present, has attracted almost 100 members.

But 360 people have joined an opposition group claiming to be non-racist but carrying comments such as: 'Thay (sic) can **** right off!!!!!! thay come over and don't respect are (sic) way of life.

'Thay belive (sic) if you are not a muslam (sic) you should die wots (sic) all that about!!! thay have one (a mosque) as it is so why do thay need a new one **** off i say !!!'

This is the second Facebook row centred in the Isle of Man to come to light in the past week.

iomtoday reported on Friday that high school students had joined a group called 'Keep the Isle of Man White & Free from Foreigners', which was shut down.

The creator of the group 'New Mosque for Isle of Man' explains the Muslim community, thought to number around 70, has been using a small converted garage as a mosque for more than 20 years.

He claims Islamic worshippers are 'at a disadvantage' as the mosque is too small to hold them all for Jumuah salah, a Friday afternoon prayer considered the most important of the week.

He adds: 'This group was not created with the intention of building a vast new mosque that dominates the skyline of Douglas.

'It is intended to raise awareness, motivation, money and community support — whatever it takes to get an appropriately-sized mosque built so that Muslims can practise their religion without hindrance.'

Meanwhile, contributors to the opposition group 'No to Mosque in the Isle of Man' urge members to 'keep your Island free of the alien invaders'.

One member accuses the Island's Muslims of 'taking education, jobs and a better way of life and throwing it back in our faces'.

Another writes: 'You can't say you are Muslim and not expect suspicion from the world . . . you have earned it.'

Those who have left messages condemning such comments are described as 'white traitors'.


Source: iomtoday (English), h/t Islamophobia Watch

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