Netherlands: 40% of Somali/Ethiopian/Egyptian women undergo FGM

Netherlands: 40% of Somali/Ethiopian/Egyptian women undergo FGM

The study looked at women who gave birth in the Netherlands, so it is unclear where and when they suffered the procedure.  Previous estimates for Somali women in the Netherlands were up to about 80%.  According to De Volkskrant, 470 out of 1,200 women from risk-countries (Somalia, Ethiopia and Egypt) had been found to have undergone FGM.  This includes both the more serious and lighter forms.  I could not find a breakdown by country, though.


Four out of ten Somali and Ethiopian women who give birth in the Netherlands have been genitally mutilated. This is relatively few, Health State Secretary Jet Bussemaker wrote to the Lower House on Friday.

The figures were recorded by research organisation TNO after questioning midwives. The number of cases of female circumcision is fairly low, since nine out of ten women in the countries of origin have been circumcised, Bussemaker reasoned.

To obtain a better picture of female circumcision, the state secretary previously announced that midwives would be registering this form of mutilation. They will also be trained in how to discuss circumcision with families.

Source: NIS (English), h/t Islamization Watch

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