Netherlands: National Islam Congress

Netherlands: National Islam Congress

Around 1,000 people attended the first National Islam Congress in Amsterdam today. The event was organised by the Institute of Islamic Studies in order to highlight Islam's diversity and promote dialogue. There were numerous discussions and workshops as well as lectures given by Islamic scholars from numerous countries including Saudi Arabia, United States, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Participants, both Muslim and non-Muslim, discussed various issues including citizenship, the position of Muslim women, Sharia law and Salafism, a fundamentalist Sunni Muslim movement.

One of the speakers was the preacher Khalid Yassin; an earlier visit to the Netherlands was extremely controversial due to his radical ideas. Tarik Ramadan, a progressive Moslem known for his criticism of Islam, also gave a lecture.

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders was also invited but the far-right MP refused the invitation saying, "never in 10 million years".


Source: Radio Netherlands (English)

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