Sweden: Church to collaborate with Muslims

Sweden: Church to collaborate with Muslims

The Church of Sweden in Gävle will work together with the Muslims in Gävle, cooperation which started several years ago, when Muslim women were invited to the church to talk about Islam.

So far the women of both faiths started working together, but the Swedish Church thinks that this collaboration can be developed.

"We are invited to Gävle's Islamic Center and it will be interesting," says pastor Regina Sakowski-Eriksson. 

In meetings at the Church Muslim women got to talk and read from the Koran, but the Swedish Church had not received an invitation to read from the Bible for the Muslims.

Regina Sakowski-Eriksson, the pastor for the Mission Church in Valbo, who is involved in this effort, says that the administration of the Gävle Islamic Center isn't yet ready to let them do that.

Asked what both religions can learn from each other Regina Sakowski-Eriksson says that she admires the efforts of the Muslims in helping the poor.  Intissar Mourad, a Muslim, says that the Christians can teach them tolerance.
Source: SRS (Swedish)

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