Utrecht: Nursing home to open Moroccan department

Utrecht: Nursing home to open Moroccan department

A want ad for the Moroccan department which the Utrecht nursing home Rosendael will open this summer received more than 200 responses.

The nursing home in the neighborhood of Overvecht, owned by Aveant, will open a department with place for twelve Moroccan elderly who are seriously ill.  Aevant will offer Moroccan TV and halal meals.  The activities will also be adapted to the target group.

According to Aveant there is a need for such a department in the Moroccan community, with special consideration for the background and customs of the residents.  Former experience with Moroccan elderly shows, according to Harm Bosma of Aveant, that they don't always feel at home in a regular nursing home.

Personnel recruitment began this week.  Aveant hopes to attract Moroccan carers who know the language and culture of the elderly.  Bosma says that the team leader in charge of recruitment was busy on the phone the all day.

Source: AD (Dutch)

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