Copenhagen: Priest suggests joint Muslim/Christian prayer

Copenhagen: Priest suggests joint Muslim/Christian prayer

The priest at Brorson Church in Copenhagen is preparing for joint prayers of Muslims and Christians during church service.  Priest Per Ramsdal wants to involve the 60 to-be-deported Iraqi asylum seekers in the church service and make their situation the subject of the service next Friday.

Per Ramsdal told Danish news agency Ritzau that he would like to hear some of their life stories during the service and possible have joint prayer of Muslims and Christians.

This proposal comes in response to the negative response by the youth choir.  The church is a youth church without a Sunday service.  Since Sunday about 25 youth from the youth choir asked to leave the church, though after talking to them, Per Ramsdal doubts that all of them will actually do so.  Other members had, on the other hand, asked to disconnect the choir from the church, tells the priest.  He's received over 100 positive comments since the Iraqis came.

A large group of youth collected money for food and medicines for the rejected asylum seekers, who are due to be sent to Iraq after Denmark got to an agreement about it with Iraq's government.

the priest says that the Iraqis in the church are extremely respectful and their best to inconvenience as little as possible with their mattresses and bags.

Source: Kristeligt Dagblad 1, 2 (Danish)

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