Copenhagen: Police drops case against anti-Jewish chanter

Copenhagen: Police drops case against anti-Jewish chanter

The video was posted online by Ted Ekeroth, who quotes the man, who led the crowd in Danish and Arabic chants, as saying "we want to kill all the Jews, all they Jews should be slain, they have no right to exist!" (h/t Dan Ritto)

The same man is also seen giving the Nazi salute while shouting "Down, down Israel, viva, viva Palestina."


"We will kill the Jews all over the world" and "All Jews will be butchered" were chants shouted during a demonstration in front of the Copenhagen city hall in January and the man doing so can be both seen and heard on video tape. And yet, the statements will not have any immediate consequences. Copenhagen Police has decided to drop the case on transgression of article 266b of the penal code, also called the 'racism paragraph'.

The reason for the decision is that police couldn't find out the perpetrator's identity.

"There exists only one video clip in the case, where the perpetrator can be seen and the statements can be heard, and this hasn't been sufficient to find out the perpetrator's identity," according to the decision.

This surprises the Documentation Centre Racism and Discrimination (DRC), since the video clip shows that the police stood by and could have intervened.

DRC head Niels-Erik Hansen says that they could have certainly arrested and charged him. But they didn't do so and didn't ask for his identity either. This means, he says, that we have rules, but they aren't maintained.

Two demonstrations were held in front of city hall on Saturday, January 10. One in support of Israel and a counter-demonstration, which supported the Palestinians, and the atmosphere was strained.

Source: TV 2 (Danish)

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