Norway: Frp proposes ban on hijab in schools, deportation for parents of girls who wear hijab

Norway: Frp proposes ban on hijab in schools, deportation for parents of girls who wear hijab

In VG's online poll, about 70% support a ban on hijab in school


The Frp (Norwegian Progress Party) wants to ban all hijab in schools in Norway.  If they introduced this, they want to send parents to small girls who wear the hijab back to their original homelands.

Frp deputy Per Sandberg says that people who come to Norway must drop their women-oppressive and children-oppressive culture which is wearing the hijab.  In school it should be forbidden to wear the hijab and if the parents don't accept our democratic rights, they will be sent straight home.

Q: But it isn't illegal to wear the hijab in Norway today. How can you think then that parents to girls with a hijab will be sent home?

A: It will be illegal to wear the hijab in school, if the Progress Party gets what it wants.  It is oppressing for small girls to put a hijab on them.  What adult women do, they can choose on their own.  But if parents don't respect the law, they will be sent home, answers Sandberg.

With the Progress Party in government, Sandberg promises that the party will work for completely new laws for new countrymen:

* All asylum seekers will be sent straight back to their homeland.  No new asylum seekers will not get residence in Norway.

* A five year test period will be introduced where anybody with legal residence, who does not follow Norwegian laws, norms or rules, will be sent back to their homeland.

* Anybody who has gotten legal residence in Norway will be evaluated after five years.  If they sufficiently adapted to Norway by the Frp's demand list, they will have another ten years before they can become Norwegian citizens.

* During these ten years, the Norwegian authorities will send back to their homeland anybody who commits crimes with a punishment of more than three months in prison.

* All together it will take 15 years before becoming a citizens.  Then people will not be sent back to their homeland - regardless of any eventual crimes.

* It will take five years before one gets permanent residence in Norway.  People who continue to oppress women with forced marriage, female genital mutilation and hijab have nothing to do here anymore.  They can go back, says Sandberg.

Sandberg expects the police to carry out the deportations.  It will also be the police who will evaluate whether people act according to Norwegian norms and rules the first five years.

"People who come to Norway must accept our democracy, freedom of speech and human rights.  They must conform and adapt to the Norwegian rules and norms we have.  They must get a job and contribute," he says.

He spent a large part of his program speech during the national convention to tell delegates that he thinks everybody has a choice - and that who don't like Norway's laws and rules can choose to go back to their homeland.

"You have a choice.  They have a choice too.  Go home!  Or they can choose to stay.  But there are some norms which underlie accepting them being here.  Those who live at the expense of others have nothing to do here.  Those who still have ambitions to stay in Norway have some norms to adopt.  And those who don't do so will go home as soon as possible," Sandberg told the crowded hall, which cheered and clapped.

Source: VG (Norwegian)

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