France: Illegal halal meat network dismantled

France: Illegal halal meat network dismantled

About a dozen people were arrested in Marseilles and Toulon.  Five people, including two religious Muslims, were arrested in Marseille, and five in Toulon.   In total 60 people were investigated in this case.   The network, which dealt mostly in cattle meat, selling for 1,300 euro a head, but also in sheep, selling for 200 euro, is considered one of the most extensive networks dismantled in France.  The slaughterhouse premises in Toulon were sealed up and about half a ton of meat was destroyed at the site. (AFP, FR)


An illegal network of Halal meat providers was found and dismantled in the French region of Toulon today. Several presumably involved persons have been detained for questioning, among them the alleged head of the ring, a 63 year old farmer and breeder. Various food dealers and intermediaries as well as religious Muslims who gave their consent for the sale of the Halal meat are amongst the detainees.

The network, according to information from the investigation, had been active since July 2007, its total production equal almost 40 tonnes of meat. The slaughterhouse clients included private buyers, such as Kebab and Halal meat vendors. The unlicensed operation, where investigators found scattered animal remains, was discovered in the neighbourhood of Sollies-Pont, north of Toulon, equipped with refrigerated rooms and containers.

The net was discovered during a judicial investigation, "regarding the slaughter of animals in illegal conditions... a general health hazard due to the absence of regulations security and attention by those involved".

Source: ANSAmed (English), h/t  EuropeNews

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