Belgium: Mosque not recognized due to extremist teachers

Belgium: Mosque not recognized due to extremist teachers

The Belgian Security Service recently advised against the Attakwa mosque in Kortrijk getting official recognition.  The interior minister followed their advise.

According to justice minister Stefaan De Clerck there are certain teachers in the mosque who take extreme points of view when teaching the Koran Saturday mornings.  The mosque might get recognition in the future, but it must guarantee that extremist teachers will not be offered opportunities in the mosque.

Mayor Lieven Lybeer intends to discuss this in the next meeting with the mosque.  He says that the mosque administration should find a solution and that the city will continue working with the mosque until then.  The city would also continue financing the mosque, since otherwise it would be a step back, as the city is now able to uphold supervision and help the mosque to move forwards with positive integration.

Chairman Lahcen of the mosque is surprised to hear the news and says he doesn't know anything about it and is not present during classes.

Source: De Standaard (Dutch)

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