Gouda: Moroccan parents, mosques unable to deal with problem youth

Gouda: Moroccan parents, mosques unable to deal with problem youth

Mosques and Moroccan parents aren't able to solve the problems with Moroccan youth in Gouda (Netherlands), and it is wrong to look to them, says Mohammed Mohandis, Labor Party councillor.

He says that the gap between the parents and group of youth on the street is big and that nobody all the youth go to the mosque.  Discussions are good, but it's an illusion to expect the mosque and parents to solve the problems in Gouda.

On his blog the Moroccan councillor discusses the news from last week that youth molest police or seriously misbehave in supermarkets.  According to Mohandis there's an issue of a harsh street culture, in which youth provoke each other.  He says that many problem youth do have a house, but not a home.  He says family mangers are a solution.

GroenLinks (Greens) think that the VVD of Gouda (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy) are taking a remarkably hard line.  Michel Klijmij says on his blog that this might be the influence of the Wilders threat from the right, but it's strong language which is strange seeing the more nunaced and realistic attitude of the VVD in the council.  Michel Klijmij refers to the statements by Laura Weger of the VVD who demanded that mayor Cornelis act and accused him of playing down the problems in Gouda.

Source: AD (Dutch)

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