Quote: Dewinter vs. Abdol-Hamid

Quote: Dewinter vs. Abdol-Hamid

I'm doubtful Abdol-Hamid actually said the things attributed to her, and I don't really trust Iranian national broadcaster IRIB, but it is interesting they thought it important enough to publish, in German.  Islamophobia watchgroups will not go out of their way to demand an apology for this, I suppose.  If anbyody can get their hands on this article, I'd appreciate having a look.


Q: How do you arrive at the conclusion that Muslims would in the end want to take over power in Europe?

A: Because Islam is an intolerant conquering religion which wants to rule and which doesn't tolerate any other religion or culture besides it.  Islam will at a certain moment try to suppress us and rule over us.  With the mass-immigration we brought in the Trojan Horse of Islam.

We must realize that Islam is in fact a sort of cuckoo which has laid its egg in our European nest.  We hatch it, unsuspecting and tolerant as we are.  But soon we'll be taken by surprise when cuckoo chicks will kick us out of own nest.

In some neighborhoods of our major cities ghettos already formed where Islamization slowly but surely advances - from halal products in the shop to speaking Arabic in the street and separate swimming in our swimming pools.

- Filip Dewinter in an interview about his new book (NL), "Inshallah"


Iranian broadcaster IRIB reports that Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, city council representative in Odense (Denmark), said in a recent interview that Europe should accept that in the near future it will become a base for Islam.

According to IRIB Abdol-Hamid said in an interview with Zeitung Standard that Muslim men and women in Denmark are trying through their behavior, their morals of pure and Mohammedan Islam, to propagate and legitimize this religion in all fields.

- Abdol-Hamid, as quoted by IRIB, h/t Marie-Luise

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