Netherlands: Turks most generous among immigrants

Netherlands: Turks most generous among immigrants

For the first time ever researchers studied the charity behavior of immigrants (in the Netherlands).  Surinamese give the most often to Dutch good causes, Turks the most.

Of the immigrants, Turks give the most money to good cause in the Netherlands: on average 263 euro.  In addition they send an average 348 euro per household to Turkey.  Most to family (85%), but also to friends (9%).

Surinamese give most often to good causes in the Netherlands  They also send the most money on average to Paramaribo: 447 euro in 2007.

These are some of the results of the study "Solidarity with the land of origin: charity behavior of non-Western immigrants in 2007'.  This study is presented today, for NCDO (National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development).  The study was conducted by Christine Carabain of the Philanthropic Studies work group in the Free University in Amsterdam.

Immigrants don't do less than ethnic Dutch when it comes to charity, it appears from Carabain's study.  They are even more generous than the rest of the Dutch.  If the gifts to good causes and gifts to relatives are counted together, immigrants give on average 200 euro more.

Carabain says that giving to one's relatives, which immigrants do a lot, is also a form of altruism.  "We're inclined to look at the term philanthropy with Western eyes.  The most common Western definition of philanthropy is giving to institutes for the common good.  But you could also interpret the definition more broadly, the financial support of family is also an unselfish act."

All together immigrants gave in 2007 almost 400 million euro to Dutch good causes and to people in their land of origin.  About 60% of the 400 million went over the border.

Turks and Moroccans gave the most money in the Netherlands to faith institute.  this means that they gave money especially to the mosque.  The obligatory contribution (zakat) of Muslims to the mosque is not counted since obligatory gifts doesn't count as philanthropy.  The voluntary charity (sadaqah) is counted.  Dutch Muslims gave on average 113 euro sadaqah.  The obligatory contribution of the Muslims to the mosque in 2007 was on average 124 euro.

Immigrants almost didn't give to good causes related to the environment and nature reservations, protection of animals, culture, sport and recreation.  The study also shows that immigrants volunteer less often.  Among Turks and Antilleans, 18% volunteer, among ethnic Dutch that's about 55%.

Source: Trouw (Dutch)

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