Belgium: New book claims immigration costs 7.67 billion euro a year

Belgium: New book claims immigration costs 7.67 billion euro a year

Jean-Marie Dedecker will present his new book 'Hoofddoek of blinddoek?' (Headscarf or blindfold) today. In the book the senator and chairman of the LDD party (List Dedecker) makes mincemeat of immigration and Islam's desire for conquest.

Six months ago Filip Dewinter (Vlaams Belang) published his book 'Inch'Allah'. Dedecker makes much of the same analysis, but has a different starting point. Dewinter wants the immigrants out and the borders shut. Dedecker accepts that they're here and won't go away. They are also welcome if they want to succeed not to exploit.

According to him, that is not the case now. His criticism, with lots of data, is biting.
- They are a threat for our separation of church and state
- 70% of our crime has to do with immigrants
- 60% of social residences in our cities are occupied by foreigners
- Nowhere is unemployment among immigrants as high as in Belgium. They cost 1.2 billion euro on unemployment benefits a year.
- Immigration costs Belgium 7.67 billion euro every year, or 2.2% of the GDP.

Even the problem of Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde (electoral region including municipalities in both the Brussels and Flemish regions) is according to Dedecker a result of immigration. In Brussels there are now 52% immigrants. Therefore the Francophone Brussels residents move out en-masse to the Flemish suburbs and beyond. Indeed, the LDD Chairman thinks that Belgium must urgently change its immigration policies. "We must stop pampering immigrants. Half of the suffering would be in the past if we stop positive discrimination." Dedecker is apparently aiming here at our social security.

Source: GvA (Dutch)

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