Admin: Fourth Anniversary

Admin: Fourth Anniversary

Another year has come and gone.  To all my readers - thank you! 

I've actually been putting off writing up something for this blog's 4th anniversary, since it is hard for me to get a feel of what happened this year.   Just to try and list some of the big stories of the year: anti-Israel protests across Europe, hijab ban in Antwerp schools, burka ban discussions in France, permission for a first mosque in Copenhagen and the biggest European mosque in France, Al-Qaeda linked Belgian terrorist gang arrested and Christopher Caldwell published his  'Reflections on the Revolution In Europe'.

Blog-wise, I've entered social media (Facebook and Twitter).  My blog passed the million mark on page-loads and visitors.  And despite the fact that I sometimes feel the news are on an endless repeating loop, something always comes up which is bound to surprise me.

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