Sweden: Court grants WMD engineer refugee status

Sweden: Court grants WMD engineer refugee status

A chemical engineer who played a prominent role in Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq has been granted permanent residence in Sweden.

The man worked in developing nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. He was a major general in the Baath party, and co-author of a book which praised Saddam's "wise leadership".

The migration court decided that there's a threat against the man due to his political positions, and that he should therefore be considered a refugee. The man and his family received residence permits in Sweden.

In August the Swedish Migration Board rejected the chemical engineer's request for a residence permit and decided that he should be deported. He appealed to the migration court, which now determined that he should be allowed to stay in Sweden.

The Migration Board contsts the court's approval of the man's appeal.

Source: DN (Swedish), h/t Gudmundson

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