Norway: Muslims need a state of their own, says Krekar

Norway: Muslims need a state of their own, says Krekar

Interestingly enough, in his book Krekar, who considers himself a true Muslim scholar, is very dismissive of Osama bin Laden and most other 'leaders' whom he thinks do not really know Islamic law. And yet, here he suggests Bin Laden as the next Caliph [ie, Mohammed's stand-in].

The entire interview is available on YouTube (in Arabic).


In a new interview Mulla Krekar says that he wishes Osama bin Laden and other radical Islamist leaders will be heads of an Islamic super-state.

"The Muslims will become like the Jews in Europe, right until they establish a caliphate [ed: Islamic state]. Without a state we have no value," says mulla Krekar in a new interview with the al-Hiwar TV channel.

The interview was broadcast on the Arab satellite channel in October, and is accessible on YouTube. Neither the Norwegian nor the international press mentioned this interview earlier.

In the interview mulla Krekar speaks with the Islamist scholar Azzaz Tamimi. In the long interview conducted in the mulla's home in Grønland, Oslo, he also deals with the conditions for dialog with the West. In this context Krekar clarifies what he thinks of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

"When we have an Islamic state, lead by one like Osama Bin Ladne, with a foreign minister like Gulbuddin Hekmatyar or Ayman Al-Zawahiri, then we can speak with then [ed: the West], as equal parties," says Krekar.

Hekmatyar is the leader of the Taliban-allied party Hezb-e Islami in Afghanistan. Al-Zawahiri is bin Laden's deputy in the al-Qaeda terror network.

The interviewer Tamimi, who like Krekar has a background in the Islamist movement the Muslim Brotherhood, confronts the mulla saying his statement will make the Norwegians afraid.

"This, that you hope for an Islamic state led by Osama bin Laden, it makes the Norwegians scared?," asks Tamimi.

"Yes... even if it scares them - good!"

Krekar doesn't regret the interview with the Arab TV channel.

"What do I have to lose in this interview? I get attention from south and north regardless. This interview doesn't hurt me," Krekar said in commentary to VG Nett.

Q: Do you support Osama bin Laden?

A: I describe him as he is, I compare him. If I supported al-Qaeda, I would say it without fear," says Krekar and repeats that he has no connections with the terror network.

In the interview Krekar uses the word "Caliphate" to describe the state where he sees the al-Qaeda heads as leaders.

"The Caliphate is the final station for this movement. Jihadists think that all borders are illegitimate. With the exception of the Islamic emirate under the Taliban, no state today is legitimate in their eyes. The Jihadis are engaged in winning territorial control, doesn't matter where, and establishing emirate they think will expand and overlap each other and then grow together into an over-national unit," says terrorism expert Brynjar Lia of the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.

"But they're less clear on what this will be and how it should look."

Q: Krekar says that when such a Caliphate is founded, it can be relevant to have dialog?

A: This is not so different from what Zawahiri and others have said. If the USA pulls back from the Islamic world and Israel stops to exist, the Jihadists can consider dialog. The West can continue to exits as long as they accept the Caliphate as a dominating power in the world. They have offered a ceasefire several time to the Americans and Europeans, but not to Israel and the Jews.

In the interview Krekar says that he won't rule out that in 20 years there can be an Islamic state led by Osama bin Laden, and suggest that Muslims should treat the est in the same way the West treats Muslims.

"Which of our enemies aren't like us? Why are we not proud of those who stand in the middle of the battle and frightens the world's biggest superpower?" asks Krekar rhetorically and points to the fact that Israeli and American leaders also boast of their own efforts in war.

In the interview he also claims that the Jihadist Islamist group Ansar al-Islam continues to fight against the Americans in Iraq and controls several areas there, though he admits that the resistance has weakened after the Americans allied with the Sunni Muslim tribe leaders in order to limit the uprising.

"Thank God," says Krekar to VG Nett about Ansar al-Islam's ongoing activities.

Q: Do you have any connection with them today?

A: "I have nothing to do with them," says Krekar and end the short telephone interview with VG Nett.

Source: VG (Norwegian)

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