Netherlands: 'Religious revival' for 2nd generation Moroccans

Netherlands: 'Religious revival' for 2nd generation Moroccans

Second generation Moroccan-Dutch go more often to the mosque. the first generation goes less often than in the past, according to the annual integration report of the Institute for Social Research (SCP).

63% of older Moroccans come often or less often to the mosque, compared with 72% in 1998. This includes people who go just twice a year. Their children's generation go more often. In 1998 46% regularly went to the mosque, compared to 66% today.

The SCP says that the data points to a 'religious revival' among second generation Moroccans. It's also possible that the fact that the second generation is becoming older plays a part. Research shows that people go more often to the church or mosque when they get to the age where they establish a family.

In addition to religious issues, the SCP also researched educational levels and crime among immigrants. The general conclusion is that things are going better with integration on some points, in other points not. The differences between White and Black neighborhoods are still increasing, immigrant students are still behind in education and crime remains high.

Source: Trouw (Dutch)