EU: 54% think Islam is intolerant

EU: 54% think Islam is intolerant

50.4% of Europeans think their country has too many immigrants. In general, half of the Europeans have prejudices against immigrants, religious groups or minorities, according to a German report that questioned 8,000 Europeans in 8 countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Poland and Hungary).

The response varies considerably from country to country. 27.1% of Poles think there are too many immigrants, compared with 46% in the Netherlands and 62.4% in Italy.

54.4% of the respondents said that Islam was an intolerant religions. 22% thought that most Muslims justify terrorism. About Jews people were more positive: 62% thought that Jews enrich the culture. 24.4% think Jews have too much influence in their country. 31.1% think that there's a natural hierarchy between Blacks and Whites.

42.6% reject equal rights for gays and think homosexuality is immoral. In East-European countries there's the most enmity towards gays, in the Netherlands, the least. 88% of Poles think that gays and lesbians shouldn't be able to get married, in the Netherlands 83% think that they should.

60.2% of Europeans (87% of Poles) support traditional gender roles and think that women should take their role as mothers and housewives more seriously.

Sources: HLN (Dutch), Domradio (German)

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