Switzerland: Majority for minaret ban

Switzerland: Majority for minaret ban

Update 6:

Voter turnout was 54.44%, so these are the final results.

57.47% voted for the ban, 42.53% opposed it. The majority of cantons supported the ban. Only 4 cantons opposed it: Vaud, Geneva, Neuchâtel and Basel-Stadt.

68% of the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino supported the ban.

Update 5:

53% of the votes are in, 57% of the voters support the ban. Most of the opposition to the ban is in the French-speaking cantons (Vaud, Geneva, Neuchâtel). The German-speaking cantons firmly support the ban with 5 of the cantons showing more than 65% opposition to minarets.

Update 4:

44% of the votes are in, 56% of the voters support the ban. A majority of the cantons (15) support the ban. Cantons which voted against it: Basel-Stadt, Vaud, Geneva, Neuchâtel. Zurich voted for the ban with 51.81% of the votes (close to 55% of the votes counted).

Update 3:

25% of the votes are in, 59% of the voters support the ban and 10 of the cantons out of 11 counted. Geneva's against the ban, with close to 60% against it.

Update 2:

Exit polls show 59% of voters supported the initiative.

Update 1:

Follow the referendum vote results online. With close to 9% votes counted, the ban is supported by 64%.


Projections from exit polls suggest that voters in Switzerland have backed a referendum proposal to ban the building of minarets, Swiss TV says.

The result is not yet official, but the BBC's correspondent in Berne says if it is confirmed, it would be a surprise.


Source: BBC (English)

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