UK: Gov't should not engage with 'moderate' Muslims

UK: Gov't should not engage with 'moderate' Muslims

In the bottom article ENGAGE is claiming that Hafeez is a regular British Muslim, while at the same time saying that the gov't should not engage with 'moderates'. What are 'moderate' Muslims, then? As for the 'fasting' lecture, it all depends on the context. A lecture about Ramadan makes sense if this was a reception to honor Ramadan. In any other case, it could be considered proselytizing.

A “hardcore” Islamist has been given a key Home Office job to tackle terrorism and divert fellow Muslims from the path of violence.

The appointment of Asim Hafeez as head of intervention at the Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism has caused serious concern among more moderate Muslim advisers across Whitehall. It is seen as a sign of a shift in the government’s policy on radical Islam away from engagement with more moderate groups. There is a sharp divide of opinion within government about whether ministers should engage with Muslims at risk of radicalisation or concentrate on forging links with moderates.

Mr Hafeez was described by one fellow adviser as “hardcore Salafi”.



The policy of engagement with ‘moderate Muslim advisers ‘ and ‘moderate groups’ was and is known for its being nothing more than an attempt to foster a pliant and docile Muslim politics. Denham and Malik, successors to Blears, are to be congratulated for having recognised the problems with this approach and diverging from it.

An example Bright cites of Hafeez’s ‘hardcore’ credentials is this:

‘The new Home Office adviser [Hafeez] is reported to have raised eyebrows at his new department during the Muslim festival of Ramadan, when he lectured guests at a reception about the benefits of fasting.’

If a Muslim speaking of the benefits of fasting on the passing of Ramadan and celebration of Eid ul –Fitr is hardcore, then Hafeez shares the quality with all British Muslims. Not to mention other religious and political leaders who recognise the virtues of individual sacrifice and concern for the indigent that Ramadan brings.


Sources: JC, ENGAGE , h/t Islamophobia Watch

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