Flanders: Moroccans, Turks don't feel Belgian, Flemish

Flanders: Moroccans, Turks don't feel Belgian, Flemish

Moroccans and Turks do identify with the city where they live, but rarely with Belgium, and not at all with Flanders.  Turks or Moroccans who are more fluent in Dutch feel more Flemish or Belgian.

This according to a study by Hasselt University, in cooperation with the Equal Opportunities Research Center.  Maarten Van Craen and Kris Vancluysen of Hasselt University interviewed immigrants of Moroccan and Turkish background in Antwerp, Ghent and Genk.  The respondents said they feel Antwerp, Ghent or Genk residents first.

In addition to fluency in dutch, the level of contact with Flemish neighbors also plays a role in experiencing one's identity.  But aside from that, Moroccans seem to identify more with Belgium and Flanders than the Turks.

Source: GvA (Dutch)

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