Netherlands/Belgium: News in short

Netherlands/Belgium: News in short

Various news stories in short.


Infant mortality - first-year mortality for children of first generation non-Western mothers is 13.6/1000, for second-generation non-Western mothers 11.8/1000 and for ethnic Dutch 8.8/1000.  Infant mortality is highest among Antilleans, Arubans and Surinamese.  Turkish mothers have rates similar to ethnic Dutch. (NL)

Mosque attacked - A Molotov cocktail was thrown into the Al Quibla mosque in Zoetermeer.  The mosque was similarly attacked half a year ago.  The police will keep watch on the mosque. (NL)

Girls out of work - Immigrant girls with up to secondary-school education do well at school, but badly in the work-market.  They are unemployed more often than immigrant boys and ethnic Dutch girls. (NL)

Nijmegen religion survey - Almost a third of adults in Nijmegen are religious.  The city has 20% Catholic, 4% Protestant, 3% Muslim and 3% 'other religion'.  64% of Turks and Moroccans are religious.  This is true particularly for older people: 80% of Turks and Moroccans over 55 are religious, compared with 53% among the general 55+ population. (NL)


Islam teachers - Flanders has Islam religion teachers in 213 elementary schools (160 teachers) and 162 secondary schools (147 teachers) in the municipal educational system.  Two years ago there was a shortage of teachers in 109 schools and last year in 36 schools. (NL)

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