Cordoba: Church rejects 'Muslim prayer for jobs' proposal

Cordoba: Church rejects 'Muslim prayer for jobs' proposal

The new archbishop of Seville, Juan José Asenjo, rejected a proposal that Muslims will visit the Cordoba mosque in order to pray. The Archbishop thinks that "many of the residents of Cordoba will feel insulted when it comes to their religious feelings and it would cause problems for us, for them and for the city."

On Monday the UGT trade union secretary in the Cordoba province, Antonio Fernández, proposed that Muslims will pray in the Cordoba mosque, which is now a Catholic church.

"It would benefit tourism to the region if Muslims would make pilgrimages here, which would contribute to better economic conditions for the city," said Antonio Fernández.

The Archbishop questioned in Spanish newspaper ABC "what relationship Muslim prayer has with new job openings". On the other hand, he says he wishes to "have a brotherly relationship with our Muslim brothers and cooperate in the fight for peace and justice".

Source: Svenska Magasinet (Swedish), see also ABC (Spanish)

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