Denmark: Newspaper to employ rejected asylum seekers

Denmark: Newspaper to employ rejected asylum seekers

If Denmark decided to reject them, why are they still there, years later?  


Politiken has initiated a fundraiser among its readers to raise initial capital for an Iraq Centre, which is to employ rejected Iraqi asylum-seekers.

The idea of the Centre is that it will provide information about Iraq and conditions for Iraqi asylum-seekers, with employed Iraqis working as consultants and lecturers among other tasks.

Those employed are to be paid DKK 32,000 each month enabling them to quickly apply to the Immigration Service for work and residence permits under the so-called payment rules.

The payment rules have been introduced by the government in order to make it easier for Danish companies to attract specialised labour to Denmark.

"Many Danes and Politiken readers feel that these Iraqis have been treated poorly for many years. Given this, we want to create a legal way to help these people into the country," says Politiken Editor-in-Chief Tøger Seidenfaden.

The Centre's focus is to help some 100 Iraqis who have been in Danish refugees centres for years because they could neither achieve refugee status nor return to Iraq as part of a repatriation agreement.

"Many of these Iraqis have a family – if one of them gets a working permit, the residence permit also includes their family. So we don't have to employ 100 people in order to solve the problem," Seidenfaden says.


Source: Politiken (English)

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