Terrorist freed, terrorist deported

Terrorist freed, terrorist deported


Ould-Aissa Charef (33), a French citizen of Algerian origins, has been imprisoned in Ryad for more than a year, suspected of having links to al-Qaeda. Charef, married with four children, moved to Saudi Arabia in order to study theology at the King Abdulaziz University.

But the Saudi authorities, who closely monitor foreigners coming to Saudi Arabia to study Koran, noticed suspect money transfers: he transferred 10,000 euros to a Saudi account in order to finance his stay. Though they did not have any further evidence, the authorities arrested him.

Charef was set free as a 'gift' to Nicolas Sarkozy, in honor of his visit to the kingdom. Charef will be able to return to France soon.


A 40-year old Finnish citizen of North African descent was sent back to Finland last year, on suspicion of terrorist leanings. Prior to being ordered to leave he was held in custody in Sweden for five months.

The man has now contacted Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat, saying he is innocent and that he has appealed the Swedish ruling to the European Court of Human Rights. According to the man he has an eight year old daughter in Sweden.

The Swedish News Agency TT reports that the man is allegedly a central person in Islamic circles in the Nordic countries and that the Swedish Police Security Services (S√ĄPO) had reasons to believe there was a risk he would commit terrorist actions in Sweden.

Sources: SR (English), TF1 (French)

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