Norway: Muslims wants Krekar out

Norway: Muslims wants Krekar out

Muslims in North Norway want Mulla Krekar out of Norway.

Ahmed Aadan Warsame of the Somali Family Association in Tromsø, says Krekar's statement are harmful for Norwegian Muslims and therefore a danger to the next generations of Norwegian Muslims.

Together with more Muslims in Tromsø he rejects Mulla Krekar.

"We generally reject Mulla Krekar, his supporters and everything he stands for.  We want peace and calm for our children in the future."

"We are Norwegian citizens and part of Norwegian society, and we don't want such statements such as Mulla Krekar makes."

He hopes Krekar will soon leave Norway.

"He isn't good this man.  Everybody knows who he is.  I don't understand why the Norwegian state spends so much money on him in court cases and such things."

Q: Is Mulla Krekar a good Muslim?

"No.  Good Muslims are those who take care of others, whether it be Christians, Jews or Buddhists, and respect the other's religion."

Source: NRK (Norwegian)

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