Finland: Asylum seeker benefits to be reviewed

Finland: Asylum seeker benefits to be reviewed

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Finland plans to review benefits granted to asylum seekers, says Astrid Thors, Minister for Migration and European Affairs. The Minister’s comments come in the wake of a report issued by the Interior Ministry.

The report indicates that asylum seekers in Finland receive more financial benefits than in any other EU country. According an Aamulehti article based on the report, refugees in Finland receive twice as much monthly financial support as those in Sweden, while refugees in Germany receive only food and housing.

“It’s clear that there are wide differences in the system of aid in different EU countries. In the Nordics there is a genuine attempt to look after people,” said Minister Thors.

Financial aid paid to refugees has remained constant since 1999, but this may change. According to Thors, aid may even be reduced. Authorities are considering revising calculations as well as the practice of providing free meals at some reception centres.


Source: YLE (English)

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