UK: Mosques protest school admission policy

UK: Mosques protest school admission policy

OFFICIALS from two of the town's mosques have lodged complaints with Bolton Council about the admission procedures of Bolton Muslim Girls School.

Senior figures at the Masjid E Ghosia Mosque, in Caroline Street, and the Noorul Islam Mosque, in Prospect Street, say priority is given to girls from the Deobandi movement, despite the wider Muslim community helping to fund the school's establishment in 1987.

But the school claims its admission policy was put together in consultation with a variety of "stakeholders" and that it is fair. In a letter to town hall chiefs on behalf of both mosques, Bashir Shama, secretary of the Masjid E Ghosia Mosque, said: "Having provided that support, the girls from our congregations are now being refused entry because the school's management have chosen to provide priority to the Deobandi community.

"The wider Muslim community therefore feels that the actions of the school's trustees has been dishonourable and they are seen as having used the wider Muslim community to establish the school and then discarded us once they had no further use for us."


Source: Bolton News (English)

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