Belgium: Vlaams Belang in new campaign

Belgium: Vlaams Belang in new campaign

Vlaams Belang is starting a new campaign to show that the party is the only one to defend the Flemish. They're doing so with slightly provocative posters.

The campaign is built on three posters: the first with the Belgian flag as background and the text "Vlaams Belang, pourquoi?" (Why?), a second with green background and the question 'why' in Arab, and the third with a Chinese flag and the same question in Chinese. After a couple of weeks the posters an answer will be posted: "Vlaams Belang defends the Flemish". The spring campaign will end with a congress April 18th in Antwerp under the motto "we make the difference".

Party chairman Bruno Valkeniers says that Vlaamsn Belang was always right and that the opposition must now reluctantly admit it. He's referring to the party's appeal of many years for a zero-tolerance policy in the problem neighborhoods, which was now enforced in Aderlecht. In recent weeks it turned out that crime has decreased dramatically since the implementation of the zero tolerance policy.

Filip De Man, parliament member and chairman of the party council, admitted that N-VA and LDD were both competitors in the Flemish and right-wing political side of the map, which had cost Vlaams Belang votes in the June 2009 elections. He says the question is whether the voters now see the benefits.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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