Netherlands: A letter to Allah

Netherlands: A letter to Allah

About 250,000 called 'God's hotline' of the Groningen artist Johan van der Dong last year. Now he's starting a letter campaign aimed at Allah.

Starting March 21, everybody who has anything to say to Allah can write the Groning resident via a special PO box. The letters will remain unopened. Van der Dong will incorporate them into oil paintings. He opens with this letter campaign to force open the debate about religion in society.

"We should be able to come out with our opinion. Also if we disagree with each other. And people should get the space to follow their faith. We now exclude people without noticing. but if people could particulate in society, you'll ensure harmony in society."

During the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan Van der Dong intends to tour the Dutch 'trouble neighborhoods' with his artwork. "I hope that those canvasses will enable a discussion about the current political climate in which people are threatened to be excluded. And reflection about it."

"But what is in the letters will remain a secret between the letter writer and Allah."

The letter campaign will end in December, during muharram, the first month of the Islamic year. The artworks will then be put up for action in an Amsterdam gallery.

Source: NIO (Dutch)

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