Quote: The greatest racism-threat of our time

Quote: The greatest racism-threat of our time

Today was the UN's anti-racism day. The head of the Norweigan Center against Racism and Discrimination, Kari Helene Partapuoli, says as follows:

"On this day it's unfortunately necessary to acknowledge that the increasing Muslim hatred has become the greatest racism threat in our time."

"Together with Muslim-hatred there's reason to fear an increase in antisemitism, which has ravaged European societies for centuries, but which unfortunately isn't limited to these."

"We must be much better at distinguishing between legitimate criticism of religion and culture, on the one hand, and prejudice and hate, on the other. Today it's become somewhat suspect to be a Muslim at all. This is completely unacceptable. There are many instrumental people in society who have a significant job to do regarding how they speak about other people."

Partapuoli says that on a day like this it's necessary to remember that the worst attacks on Europe soil in modern times have been the massive attacks of Christians against Muslims in Bosnia, Kosovo and Chechnya.

"That in itself is frightening that these man-made disasters don't stand for us as clear markers of the dangers of today's biased and narrow Islam focus.

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