Berlin: Turk confesses to poker heist

Berlin: Turk confesses to poker heist

One of the robbers who stole more than €200,000 in the Berlin poker heist has been arrested!

The man is of Turkish origin and is only 21, and he confessed in the presence of his lawyer that he was part of the gang which raided the tournament earlier this month.

But he refuses to say a word about the whereabouts of the missing €242,000 haul or who his accomplices were.

Four thugs stormed the Grand Hyatt Hotel in the German capital's Potsdamer Platz armed with machetes and a revolver on March 6 at around 2.15 pm. They overran one security guard and went to the vault.

A second security guard, Roman H. (36), bravely tackled one of the masked men and held him in a head lock. The robber lost his gun and a bag full of cash.

But a machete-wielding accomplice freed him and the four invaders ran away together – without masks!

Their plans went out of the window as the whole incident was filmed and every one of them left fingerprints and DNA behind!


An officer told BILD: “We know exactly who we are looking for. We will catch these guys sooner or later.”


Source: BILD (English)

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