Norway: Muslims must take responsibility for preventing terrorism, says minister

Norway: Muslims must take responsibility for preventing terrorism, says minister

Norwegian Muslims should take responsibility for preventing terrorism, says Norwegian Inclusion Minister Audun Lysbakken (SV).

The minister said this after a meeting at the Pakistans Venner (Pakistan's friends) association Monday night.

The association was invited to a meeting after the Norwegian security service PST's threat report was published in February.

Lysbakken thinks that it's not only the police and politicians who should take responsibility, and got support from the editor of net magazine X-plosiv, Shazia Sarwar, who is herself a Norwegian-Pakistani.

"We have the most influence and power to reach the right communities," she says.

"Parents must get engaged and follow what their children are doing on the net, where they go and what they do."

Sarwar thinks it's a thin line for youth to cross to extremism.

PST's report from February says that there's little terror threat to Norway.

Both Lysbakken and SV's Akhtar Chaudhry think common people should take responsibility so that there will be a future in Norway.

"We're taking this seriously, but are not more concerned than the police," says Chaudhry.

The meeting focused on how to get youth engaged in dialog.  Several people pointed out that it's important to reach the most extreme, who aren't used to Western dialog and who don't trust the press.

PST said at the meeting that the youth who end up outside society in Norway, and in particular those who participated in terrorism-training camps or terror acts aboard, can be a risk for Norway.

"They should use democratic venues instead of isolating themselves in the back-room," says Chaudhry.

He thinks the press should also create more trust.

"It's a job you must do."

Source: NRK (Norwegian)

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