Berlin: Four poker heist suspects arrested

Berlin: Four poker heist suspects arrested

Bluff Magazine reports that Mohammad B., who was arrested shortly after the heist and later released, is still considered a suspect. At the time of his arrest he had a note with six names on it, three of whom belonged to the suspects in the robbery.


German police announced they arrested all four suspects in the Berlin poker heist. The four accomplices, who are said to be of Turkish and Arabic origins, robbed 242,000 euro from the poker tournament at the Grand Hyatt hotel two weeks ago.

A witness to the robbery took down the license number of the gateway vehicle, which was registered to one of the suspects.

The first suspect to be arrested was Vedat S. (21), a German citizen of Turkish origins. Vedat turned himself in last Monday and named his three accomplices.

The second suspect, Ahmad el-Awayti (20), was arrested at a Berlin subway station on Wednesday during a routine security check.

Mustafa Ucarkus (20), a Turkish citizen from Neukölln, Berlin fled Germany. His lawyer later contacted the investigators and he reported to the authorities at Tegel Airport in Berlin.

The final suspect turned himself in on Saturday as well, also at Tegel airport, with the aid of his lawyer. German-Turk Jihad Khaled Chetwie (19) of Kreuzberg, Berlin, supposedly fled to Lebanon with 40,000 euro. German newsapper BILD reported that Jihad barely knows Arabic and feared landing in Lebanese jail.

Ucarkus and Chetwie both did time in the past for robbery.

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